Monday, March 6, 2006

Why music reviews are useless.....

I do a lot of online shopping for music. Often, I find myself reading the drivel that "fans" write about music I'm interested in purchasing. No more. I can't do it. I've come to realize what idiots people are and how music reviews are generally pretty useless. Ironically, I spent two years in college writing music reviews. OK, but I'm done with it. I mean, reviews are opinions and everyone has different opinions. YOu can't always explain why you do or do not like something. It's a matter or taste that is often out of your control. That's why sound clips are very helpful. Much more so than fan reviews.

First off, to those who post on, if you DON'T LIKE the artist or genre of music in the first place, shut the fuck up and don't post. Someone who hates Green Day should not be putting their 2 cents in regarding a Green Day CD. Your opinion doesn't matter because you are not a fan of their music in the first place, and it's beyond me why you think anyone should care what you have to say.

Also, if you do decide to read a music review and base your purchase on someone else's opinion, AT LEAST let it be a debut album so that these "fans" have nothing else to base their review on. Because as soon as you start getting to sophomore efforts and beyond, people always compare it to the first CD and it is usually never for the better. God forbid an artist become more skilled, a better musician or a better singer. Or perhaps (you may wanna take a seat for this one) they actually decide to expand their sound and write songs in a different or varied (are you seated?) style. That's fuckin' blasphemy in the eyes (ears) of the finicky fan.

Then again, people who write these reviews are not true fans of an artist because they allow virtually no room for growth and maturity. They are fairweather fans who will only support the artist as long as their music stays the same over time. If you are a musician and your three albums are virtually indistinguishable from one another, chances are you're going to get a great online review. Congratulations, you've appeased the masses by showing no versatility whatsoever in your craft.

So, yeah, what I'm saying is that you should trust your ears and own tastes when it comes to...well, anything really, but in this case, music. Check around for sound clips and if you HAVE to read a music review, read one in an actual magazine by people who actually do this for a living and who know how to write.